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Savage Scotland No More

Posted by Grumblingone on February 7, 2009

Myth of ‘primitive’ Jacobite army at Culloden laid to rest

Here is a quick example of the manipulation through propaganda that has been going on for hundreds of years. In fact the theme is even pretty common. One where the propagandists cast the enemy as “barbarians”, showing them with clubs and swords and no armor screaming bloody murder running headlong into cannon and gunfire.

Technology moves fast, as soon as it’s discovered it races across well traveled routes. So it is doubtful the Scots wouldn’t have guns going into battle against guns. Also since this was in the 1700s we know that banking had a firm foothold in funding wars, and someone was making a profit from supplying both sides.

My favorite part of this article is the final paragraph where the author states about the re-enactment footage “A spokeswoman said the film was not meant to be realistic. “The aim is to give visitors some insight into the sights, sounds and confusion of the battle for soldiers on both sides,” she said, “rather than to provide a factual representation of the battle.”

So… It’s fiction portrayed as fact once again.


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